Joss Stone- Somehow

26 Jul

Joss Stone first came to my attention in 2003. I remember seeing her on one of the late night shows and being blown away by her amazing voice and her age (she was just a teenager at the time). Her debut album, “The Soul Sessions” was a throwback to the Aretha Franklin generation and had many awesome covers on it, including my favorite, a blues/R & B take on the White Stripes’s “Fell in Love With A Girl”.

Since Soul Sessions, Joss has seemed to be constantly reinventing herself in different genres going from more contemporary R&B to today’s new soul rock release of “LP1”. She worked on this album with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and produced it on her own label. It is today’s Amazon MP3 Deal of the Day at 3.99. The song I’m featuring today is free and it’s called “Somehow”. It has a similar tone to Joss’s earlier work like “Don’t Ya Wanna Ride” and “Tell Me ‘Bout It”. For those old fans of Joss wanting to wade into the new waters of LP1 it is a good transition song that demonstrates the feel of the new album and it will attract a newer rock base to her music.


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