Patrick Stump- Everyday

10 Sep

After much digging around, I finally found some new music out this week. A few months ago, the “Rave On Buddy Holly” tribute album came out and I was not a fan. I thought the idea should have been excellent, as many of my favorite artists were on this album (She & Him, Paul McCartney to name a few) but there were some artists matched up with what I felt was just the wrong song.
Flash forward to this week and tribute album #2 is out called “Listen to Me: Buddy Holly”. While glancing over the track list, my eyes went immediately to “Everyday” which is one of my favorite Buddy Holly songs. “Rave On” gave this song to Fiona Apple, this album puts it in the more competent hands of Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump. Don’t get me wrong, love Fiona but feel that giving her the simple, somewhat upbeat song just seemed like a bad idea to me.
On to Patrick Stump, this guy should be right up there with Adam Levine for best voice in pop music and he does the song as written, simple and sweet. A perfect song to kick off your weekend…enjoy!


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