Eva Cassidy- At Last

13 Sep

You always remember the first time you hear the great artists…about 8 years ago, I was listening to Launchcast radio when a song I didn’t like came on. I am not a fan of the original “The Letter” but this time was different. The voice singing it belonged to Eva Cassidy, an artist I was not familiar with. Her raspy, Janis Joplinesque take on the Box Tops original sold me on the song and that was just the beginning.
Despite her brief recording history, she left us a remarkable legacy of just about everything. Unfortunately, she became more famous after death. Today’s song is one of my personal favorites. “At Last” has to be one of the most romantic songs I’ve heard and I used to think it was uncoverable until I heard Eva’s take. Stripped down, it takes on a whole new personal, intimate feel. Happy listening! Dont forget to follow me on Spotify for a full playlist of all songs featured here!


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