This Year- The Mountain Goats

8 Sep

One of my favorite new ways to find music is through turntable (google it, worth your time). When I’m not spinning with friends, I love hanging out in the indie chill/acoustic room. They have some of the best music I haven’t heard. One of my favorite finds is “This Year” by the Mountain Goats.
“This Year” is a song you might expect to hear on a Mumford & Sons album. It is upbeat in an ironic way in it’s chorus “I am going to make it through this year if it kills me”. Hope you enjoy!


Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer

6 Sep

After a couple of long weeks, I am finally back on the blogging site. Listened to a lot of great music since then so I will do my best to catch up.
One of my late night finds (more on those later) is Andy Grammer. Andy is an artist similar but different to Marc Broussard, Jason Mraz, Gavin DeGraw etc. His first album was released on June 14, 2011 and he is signed to S-Curve Records (former home of Joss Stone).
His first single, “Keep Your Head Up” is in fairly heavy rotation on VH1 and features his soulful voice and acoustic guitar. I have always been a fan of songs with inspirational messages (“Break My Stride” and “Step by Step” Whitney Houston version are two of my favorite examples.
Worth a note- iTunes version of his album includes a cool video for “Biggest Man in Los Angeles”. Looking forward to seeing him in concert one day. Enjoy!

Joss Stone- Somehow

26 Jul

Joss Stone first came to my attention in 2003. I remember seeing her on one of the late night shows and being blown away by her amazing voice and her age (she was just a teenager at the time). Her debut album, “The Soul Sessions” was a throwback to the Aretha Franklin generation and had many awesome covers on it, including my favorite, a blues/R & B take on the White Stripes’s “Fell in Love With A Girl”.

Since Soul Sessions, Joss has seemed to be constantly reinventing herself in different genres going from more contemporary R&B to today’s new soul rock release of “LP1”. She worked on this album with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and produced it on her own label. It is today’s Amazon MP3 Deal of the Day at 3.99. The song I’m featuring today is free and it’s called “Somehow”. It has a similar tone to Joss’s earlier work like “Don’t Ya Wanna Ride” and “Tell Me ‘Bout It”. For those old fans of Joss wanting to wade into the new waters of LP1 it is a good transition song that demonstrates the feel of the new album and it will attract a newer rock base to her music.

The Zutons- Valerie

26 Jul

Over the weekend, the music world lost one of its most talented stars, Amy Winehouse. I remember when I heard “Rehab” thinking that if this girl caught on, she could be a mega-star. Well, she did catch on and become a star. When she took home all those Grammys, I hoped that would have been enough to try to send her down a better path.

One of her songs that caught my attention was used in the movie “27 Dresses” called “Valerie”. It originally appeared on Mark Ronson’s album but became a big hit for Amy as well. Glee did a cover of it as well. When I heard about Amy’s passing, I immediately wanted to listen to her sing this song. Why? It was one of the few times she sounded truly happy.

Today, I googled “Valerie” to see who did the original and was introduced to a band called the Zutons. The original version is more rock than Motown but still a fun listen. One thing I love about cover songs is the progression from the original to the cover, how the arrangement is worked out to make it “more their own” (as we hear religiously on American Idol). Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Download This Song

25 Jul

Welcome to Download This Song! This blog will answer the question “should I spend my money on this?” I have a diverse taste in music that will hopefully help all of you find some great discoveries (new and old) to add to your music collection.

A little bit about my musical background, my favorite artist of all time is Billy Joel. I have almost all of his albums and have seen him live 4 times. Rounding out my top 5 is Mariah Carey, She & Him, Sheryl Crow and Paul McCartney. I love to go to concerts when I can and I have seen everyone from Harry Connick Jr. to the Dixie Chicks to Ludacris. My favorite album of last year was “Volume 2” by She & Him. The last album I bought was Bon Iver’s “Bon Iver” album.

To find my music, I currently am a subscriber to Spotify, hopelessly addicted to the Amazon MP3 deal of the day and have way more music than I would like to admit to on my computer and in my garage. I love listening to NPR’s All Song Considered which I credit with my emerging interest in indie music. This is my first blog which would probably surprise people that know me in real life since I love talking about music. Hope you enjoy!