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The Civil Wars- I Want You Back

17 Sep

I love a cover song done well. While perusing track listings, I came across this cover of the Jackson 5 classic. The band is called the Civil Wars and they are more of a bluegrass/country group. What I love about this cover is that the re-working keeps the original melody but slowing down the tempo allows for it to be more bittersweet. Singer Joy Williams has an incredible, distinct voice and she does the song justice.


Maroon 5- Stutter

16 Sep

First of all, I have to give proper credit for discovery of this song to my friend, Leslye. I love Maroon 5, loved them from the very beginning with “Hard to Breathe”. I haven’t always felt like they have been consistent and have primarily turned into a singles fan. Particularly with their last album, I couldn’t find any song besides “Misery” to grab ahold of.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I love turntable.fm (which just released their iPhone app this week) for this very reason. When turn tabling with friends, you get to hear their favorites from albums you might have overlooked. This song reminds me of a 2011 version of “You Make My Dreams”, happy and in love. Enjoy!